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Nasser Soumi


The Construction of the Disc in Aleppo, in September 2010

During a trip I took to Aleppo to visit my brother and his family, I contacted my friend Issa Touma to let him know I had arrived. Issa asked me if I was free to meet with the Mayor of Aleppo, the “Madinatona” leaders, and the GTZ team, in order to discuss my “Memory of Indigo” project. Though I had not planned on discussing my work during this trip, I presented it as best I could, by using the information and pictures I had posted online at the time.

I thus presented “Memory of Indigo” which I had completed in Hyderabad in India, in 2006, as well as other previous projects and performances. I then told them the rich story of Aleppo and Indigo.
All people present at that time were seduced by the idea of the project, and as of right then, we all began working towards its production in Aleppo.

I wished to find and collaborate with a maximum of local artists and technicians. I was introduced to the musician and composer Fawas Baker, who ended up being in charge of the music throughout the whole process. Fawas himself then later found the builder, Mohammad el Saleh who built the large-scale structure on which the performance takes place.
Being present for most of the construction phase, I built bonds of friendship with the whole team. The workers also included me during their breaks and I was brought in to share their delicious sweet black tea which they boiled on the wood leftover from the structure.

I documented and photographed each phase of the construction.